Terms of Usage: Please Adhere...

If you're looking to use anything on this site at all, then you must read and adhere to the terms I've set forth down below. I'm very strict about them as I've had many nasty encounters in the past in regards to webthieves. When in doubt of anything I say here, please email me.

The Gallery: Anime Screenshots, Manga Scans, and any other images offered
Please don't take them without my permission. Unless specified otherwise in the specific sections, they are not to leave this site. If you'd like to use them for whatever reason, then please email me. I'm reasonable so I'll probably say yes if your purpose doesn't go against what this site stands for and if you ask nicely. :p It only takes one email so ask! And finally, all images must retain their watermarks even if I said yes and you also must give me credit.

The Layout: Past or Present as well as ANY part of the layout
You may not use anything I've done for the layout whether it's the images I've incorporated or the layout itself. They're created solely for this shrine and are not meant to be used by anyone or anywhere else. The same goes for any banners or buttons. They may only be used for linking to this shrine. Don't use them to decorate your site, signature, or whatever else without having it link back to this site. Most of all, do not use them to link to your site or other sites! Yes, that's happened before.

Written Content: Any Descriptions, Summaries, Theories, etc.
This pertains to all the "words" you see on this site. You may use them for a VERY general reference only. In no way should you copy them to use on your site. Please don't take anything I've written and just blatantly use it on your site or a post in message boards. You can quote some sections of my written content at a message board provided that you give credit and link back here. Similarly, don't just change the wording here and there and then stick it on your site. That would be plagiarizing and you'll be breaking copyright laws- which means I can take legal action against you if I'm pissed off enough to do it. Having people take my written content is one of the biggest problems I come across on my sites- so know that I won't just sit by quietly while you copy. If you really really want to use anything that I've written or to quote it, you must email me for special permission.

The Coding: HTML, CSS, and whatever else
I know a lot of people view sites' sources as a way of learning how to do certain things. I started out that way and still look at people's coding sometimes. But looking is the furthest you should do- meaning, please do not copy and paste my coding on to your notepad and use it for your site. That's just not cool and definitely not the way to learn. In short, you can look but don't steal my code. :p

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