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Before I begin, I should say that there's a bit of confusion as to who Jaken's Japanese voice actor actually is. No one really ever mentions it as I suppose it's because Jaken isn't all that popular of a character for anyone to take note of. But in any case, I've included 3 names down below- 2 for his Japanese voice and 1 for his English voice. I'm throwing them all here to prevent any misunderstanding.

In any case, if anyone has something "official" that shows for sure whichever person is the correct seiyuu for Jaken, then please share it with me. I'd so very much appreciate it. I'm a stickler for proof, which is why I'm hesitant in confirming one or the other right now. :p

Nagashima Kouichi:

Stated by many Inuyasha and seiyuu sites out there (my own Sesshoumaru site was guilty of it) as the Japanese voice actor for Jaken. However, I have not been able to find any information about Kouichi at all- which is a bit strange when it comes to a seiyuu. A lot of the voice talents in Japanese anime also do the voice acting for many other characters from various series, so finding information tends to be a simple task. Not in this case though. -_-* So then what I set out to do was research in closer detail- which then led me to believe that his seiyuu is actually Nagashima YUICHI...who is a completely different person. Which would make Nagashima Kouichi NOT Jaken's seiyuu. I'm not 100% confirmed on this yet, but I'm pretty sure this is the case.

Nagashima Yuichi:

Japanese Seiyuu The second name I've come across for Jaken's Japanese voice actor and also the one who I think is most probably his real seiyuu. Unlike Kouichi, he has a healthy dose of experience in his "resume" so to speak...which means you get some additional info! :)

Birth Name: Shigeru Nagashima (?!)
Birthday: December 15, 1957
Birth Place: Saitama, Japan
Blood Type: B

Other Roles: Here are some other roles he has voice acted for-

- Hiroshi Uchiyamada from "Great Teacher Onizuka" (GTO)
- Henzo and Barbarossa from "One Piece"
- Rahanim from "Slayers"
- Kashamaru from "Flame of Recca"
- Fake Goku from "Gensou Maden Saiyuki"
- Tarans from "Transformers: Beast Wars Metals"
- Alpha Q from "Transformer: Super Link"
- Kondou from "Weiss Kreuz"
- Hukukan from "Spriggan"
- Blacksmith Musica from "Groove Adventure Rave"

Don Brown:

He's Jaken's English dubbed voice- the one you hear on Cartoon Network. Looks like he's done quite a few roles before- a lot of which I'm really surprised to learn. ;p Unfortunately, no picture is available at the moment. Please let me know if you come across one- it'd make me very happy. ^^

Also Known As: Donald Brown
Birthday: 45 yrs old as of 2004, I think
Location: St. Louis, MO

Interesting Info: He actually also did the voice for some miscellaneous characters within the Inuyasha series in episodes 24, 25, 32, 35, 51, and 52. One not named, one is Kagewaki's servant, and the other is Boy's Grandpa. :p

Other Voice Acting Roles: You may have recognized his voice from some of these series-

- Balgus - "Vision of Escaflowne"
- Antares/Narrator from "Galaxy Express 999"
- Godai's Father from "Maison Ikkoku"
- Farmer Brown from "Ranma 1/2"
- Scorponok from "Beast Wars: Transformers"
- Giant Bear from "Dragon Ball"
- Elder Ham from "Hamtaro"
- Sansho from "Dragon Ball Z: The Movie - Dead Zone"
- King Kai from "Dragon Ball Z"
- Evilseed - "He-Man"

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