At First Glance: A Basic Profile

Profile PictureName: Jaken (no known last name) His name roughly translates as cruel, wicked heart, or evil point of view.

Race: Full youkai, meaning 100% demon, though I'm not sure which kind. I'm guessing something akin to a reptile of some sort, a kappa, or maybe an imp. Mostly referred to as a toad or a frog by Inuyasha viewers.

Age: Often said by fans to be 3200+ years old though his age has never been mentioned in the series. I wouldn't be surprised if he's really that old considering how long youkai can live and the references that was made on other youkai in the series. He can often be heard muttering about his old age every once in a while and Myouga seems to treat him as though they're from the same generation- which is probably quite likely. In appearance, Myouga looks older though!

Voice: Nagashima Kouichi or Yuichi and Don Brown. Seiyuu info here.

Hometown: Never mentioned but quite possibly Musashino as that was where he ruled over his people when Sesshoumaru happened by.

Appearance: Unlike Sesshoumaru who looks relatively "human" in his day-to-day form, Jaken looks just as who he is. A youkai. He definitely doesn't look like some random animal nor does he look human. I don't think he's capable of transforming like Sesshoumaru either. His appearance as a whole is mostly just green. He has 3 fingers with claws on each hand and I think two toes on each feet. His limbs are quite scrawny though I'm suspecting he has a belly. ^^; He's also very small, with his height coming up to only about Rin's waist. Anyhow, aside from his coloring- I think he's most distinguished by his huge eyes. Big and round, they also protude from his face like a goldfish. The slit in his eye reminds me of a reptile once again. And even though he's old, he actually doesn't look all that old. Information on his appearance in terms of his clothing and how it relates to his status, please refer here.

Introduction: Jaken was first introduced in anime episode 5 and manga volume 2. He was seen traveling with Sesshoumaru and soon after, we get the basic idea that he's Sesshoumaru's retainer who doesn't exactly get treated very nicely.

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