Personality: His True Character

If you had been viewing the previous sections all in order as I've suggested, you may be wondering why I've decided to put his "personality" last when most character fansites tend to put them together with an introduction section. I did this because I believe that in order to better understand Jaken's personality, you would need to have at least some understanding in his character role and the purpose he holds dear. There's logic behind Jaken!! o_O;;

One thing we should keep in mind is the fact that Jaken's entire being is pretty much zoomed in and focused on Sesshoumaru- and only Sesshoumaru. Whatever is in Sesshoumaru's interest, it's in Jaken's interest. He wasn't doing it halfway when he threw his life on Sesshoumaru's feet and made the decision to serve him. Jaken doesn't really seem to care much about what other people think of him- unless he's being insulted in relevance to Sesshoumaru, once again. ^^; And so a majority of his personality shines through most when we view it in relative to Sesshoumaru. With everyone else, he just tends to be a lot meaner and grumpier.


If there's one thing that can be said about Jaken's personality, I think loyalty should be it. Throughout the series, he continually shows his undying faith, devotion, and loyalty towards Sesshoumaru. Although there may be times when he doubts some of his master's decisions, his loyalty always manages to eventually shine through. He has exceptional faith in Sesshoumaru's power and abilities, and he takes the greatest pride in being with and serving his master. One way to get Jaken very worked up is if you insult Sesshoumaru- he will not hear anyone speaking badly about his master, and it also gets him quite angry when someone speaks to Sesshoumaru in a rude tone or with too much "assumption" like Kagura. Basically, he's not just personally loyal to Sesshoumaru- he also will not tolerate anyone who disrespects his master, so to speak.


Noble is yet another word I would choose to describe Jaken's character. What else can you call somone who has thrown away their ruler status just to be a servant in order to repay a life debt to him and his clan? Right after Sesshoumaru killed the youkai that were attacking his clan, he had instantly commanded everyone to kneel down in thanks- himself included. Most people would maybe just bow and express their immense thanks- but Jaken went so far as to insist on giving himself up to serve Sesshoumaru even when Sesshoumaru had "refused" him by ignoring his offer for days. And to this day, he still remembers and holds the life debt at heart- finding every possible way to repay Sesshoumaru. If that's not noble, I really don't know what is. :p


This may seem like a weird aspect to include since Jaken can often be seen sweating over his life or some other thing. But I don't think being brave have to necessarily mean that you don't fear for your own life or what's to become of you. The reason I say Jaken is brave- is because he's able to continue onwards with Sesshoumaru regardless of how dangerous a situation may appear to be. And he does more than just follow too- he'll actually jump into the action to assist Sesshoumaru in battle. ("Let Jaken handle this, Sesshoumaru-sama...") That's more than I can say for Myouga, who abandons Inuyasha at the first sign of danger- even false signs. Jaken may be afraid, but he'll stick around- which to me, is being brave.

Emotionally Dramatic

Alas, Jaken also has the tendency to be quite dramatic. ^^; One little thing can trigger a whole string of worries and fretting emotions, especially when it comes to Sesshoumaru. It's usually about Sesshoumaru not caring about him, Sesshoumaru not appreciating him, him not being a good enough servant, or that he's about to die by Sesshoumaru's hands. :p On the other hand, he could also go on an emotional rollercoaster if he so much as see any sign at all that Sesshoumaru may care about him after all. All this usually brings about a stream of tears or a whole lot of sweat. It's quite amazing how the tiniest thing can send Jaken on an entire stream of thoughts and reactions.



This aspect of his personality is probably most pronounced and obvious among Inuyasha viewers. As I've already mentioned above, he tends to be just grumpy when interacting with anyone else that isn't Sesshoumaru. He has a habit of grumbling and complaining quite a bit, even while doing something Sesshoumaru has asked him to do (like look after Rin). He can also be mean and impatient especially when he deals with the Inuyasha gang and again, Rin. I think he just gets aggravated at having to do little minion work when he wants to do something grander for Sesshoumaru. And he doesn't seem to like dealing with humans, which is something pretty common among youkai. I suppose this only end up making him even grumpier than usual. :p


This really goes hand in hand with his grumpiness. Like his habit of muttering and complaining, he also has a tendency to whine- often times about being left behind or about having to do something that he feels completely undermines his status or abilities. I think his whining aspect comes from always hoping to be useful and appreciated by Sesshoumaru- but in turn never got the assurance. He probably also gets tired of everyone belittling him. And so he takes to whining. Maybe old age also has to do with it. ^_^;


Although Jaken may not be "proud" in the same way that Sesshoumaru is proud, there are definitely signs of the prideful side of Jaken. It may have come from him being a lord/ruler before. It may stem from him being a pure blooded youkai. Or it may simply come from him taking pride in being Sesshoumaru's faithful servant. Either way, he can often be seen making comments that shows his prideful side- such as his obvious belittling of humans or his chest puffing action of how he's Sesshoumaru's trusted servant.


I suppose this isn't really what can be considered as "personality"- but more an instinctive skill. Jaken has this talent of being able to read Sesshoumaru's expressionless expressions and very clipped orders that really just consists of "Jaken". Naturally, he's bound to learn more about Sesshoumaru's personality than most people seeing that they've been travelling together for so many years. But he knows when danger is heading their way by just looking at Sesshoumaru's reaction to things. And he always seems to know what his master is asking of him even if all that was said was his name. And even though Sesshoumaru may not be one to explain or elaborate, Jaken always know to obey as his life could very depend on it. I don't mean Sesshoumaru killing him for disobeying- but I mean scenes where Sesshoumaru may just say "Don't move" and he'll know to absolutely not move. It's like he's tuned into the vibes Sesshoumaru gives off- regardless how mysterious it may seem to others.


There are several other aspects of Jaken's personality that's worth mentioning as well- such as the fact that he's simply hilarious without trying to be. It's just the way he is. :D His reactions to some things can be just priceless. Sure, he may be grumpy and sometimes whiney- but if you've been traveling for hundreds of years with a master who barely utters a word to you except "Jaken" or "Next time, I'll kill you", you may become grumpy too. Even more so if you're constantly hoping that one day your master may say, "You did good." :p

But that all aside, there are also moments when Jaken can be quite child-like. In many ways, I think having Rin join the "crew" is a good thing for both Sesshoumaru and Jaken. Whether Jaken may think so or not, he has a companion in Rin- and he can gawk together with her, play with her and catch fish or whatever. Obviously, Sesshoumaru will never do any of those things with him. So through Rin, we sort of see the child in him as well. :)


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