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Just some background on the creation of this site and how this place came to be. Some of you may be curious as to why I created a site dedicated to Jaken, so here's all the info.

On Site Stats:

Site Name: The Other Youkai Lord + Jaken: Not Useless (FL)
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Site Birth: August 24, 2004 (official opening, 08.28.04)
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On Jaken

Since my favorite character in the Inuyasha series is Sesshoumaru, I always tend to pay closer attention whenever he appears. And most of the time when that happens, Jaken is around too since he's the ever faithful servant. I personally think Jaken adds a lot of humor to the series especially where Sesshoumaru is concerned, and he even makes it more interesting when Sesshoumaru appears. If there was no Jaken, we wouldn't learn as much about Sesshoumaru as we have. And if there was no Jaken, the moments when the Sesshoumaru-gumi appears wouldn't be as fun. It'd just be Sesshoumaru not talking and Rin flapping around with no one to play with.

But the fact that he's Sesshoumaru's servant isn't the main reason why I like him. Come on, he's hilarious! Not to mention honorable in his own way, especially after we learn how he came to travel with Sesshoumaru. Although it may not look like it at first glance, I really do think Jaken's character has grown some since the beginning of the series. He definitely needs a space of his own on the web. ^^ Note: He's not ugly!!!

On Site History

In very simple terms, this site arrived because I was tired of all the Jaken bashing that's been floating around ever since the Inuyasha series suddenly went insanely popular. And I probably hear more of that than most people, seeing that I'm also the webmistress of The Killing Perfection. I literally get some kind of a note every week either through email, the guestbook, or the Sesshoumaru Q & A page stating in some way that Jaken needs to die. Needless to say, this irks me quite a bit.

Sure, I can understand the jokes that pokes at Jaken for the fun of it since the series do largely portray him that way as a source of humor. But I'm seriously appalled at the amount of people who are just malicious about their Jaken bashing. There are many who grandly proclaim their hatred and the different ways they'd like to see Jaken tortured to death. All because they think he's ugly and/or annoying. -_-* This disturbs me. That's like saying annoying or ugly people all deserve to die horribly. A very scary thought.

My response? A Jaken fansite in order to honor this funny and loyal character. Because Jaken deserves that much more than the abuse. So all in all, I suppose I could basically say that I made this site because I like him and would like to make an attempt to show that he should not die and is in fact a useful character!!

On Site Name

The names I've chosen for this site and its fanlisting pretty much came to me the moment I decided on making it. And since I couldn't think of a better one, I've stuck to it. "The Other Youkai Lord" is the title used for the main section of the site and it came about because people always call Sesshoumaru "The Youkai Lord" or "The Great Lord of the Western Lands" like it's some great status title thing. Well, guess what? Jaken was technically also a youkai lord and I want to portray that respectful status for a change, as opposed to all the useless servant and minion names people call him. He is, after all, the other youkai lord in the series. ^_-

For the fanlisting section, I've decided to give it a different name- called "Jaken: Not Useless" because I want to make that a statement. The fanlisting is created for his fans- those who don't think he's a useless character and those who like him. So I thought the name was appropriate, because we're just all trying to support his fandom and the idea that Jaken is an awesome character. :)

On Site Layout

The current layout basically features images of Jaken from a time before he met Sesshoumaru- in short, when he was still the lord and ruler of his own kind. I had contemplated on using some cute and funny pictures of Jaken but I eventually thought it was more fitting to use pictures of the powerful Jaken. It matches with the title of this site and I wanted to show a different side of him. :) Look at the fierceness that is Jaken, slaying the large demon with a sword. And see all those loyal followers of his that honored him? Jaken was not a nobody!! :3 I didn't want to make the layout too serious looking though, because it's still Jaken- hence the type of font I used for the layout. Anyway, as with all my layouts- this was done on Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and coded with SimpleText (like Notepad) on my sacred Mac computer. The images used were screencapped by me. The layout is validated XHTML 1.0 and utilizes divs with CSS.

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