Frequently Asked Questions (and my answers)

If you have any questions about why I made this site and whatever little tidbit in regards to the making of this site, please refer to the Site History page. Similarly, if you have questions about using anything on this site- please look at the Terms page. In most cases, you should find what you're looking for over there. Otherwise, there's always this little FAQ page. ;p

Can I send you things to add on your site?
Sure, email me and let me know what you'd like to send in and we'll talk. Whatever can make this site better and help spread some Jaken love is welcome.

Can we be affiliates?
This site is currently open for affiliations. Please look at my affiliates page for more info on that.

Can you make a layout for me?
Every once in a while, I get this question, so I'll make it clear: Not for free. I'm a designer by profession, and I simply cannot offer my services for free of charge. If you're interested in hiring me for commission work, you're always welcome to contact me.

I joined the Jaken fanlisting, but why isn't my site linked on the member page?
Probably because I didn't see a link back to the fanlisting. Check the fanlisting rules & FAQ for more info.

What are you talking about? A lot of what you covered aren't in the manga.
A large chunk of Jaken's past was pretty much only covered in the anime and not the manga storyline. I'm aware that many manga readers often disregard anime storylines that aren't part of their manga counterpart. I watch both the anime and read the manga, and I use both as a source of information. Basically, I take into consideration whatever's available. Sorry if this bothers hardcore manga followers.

You've got mistakes on your site!
I wouldn't be surprised to hear that. But before you send me an email telling me to correct a particular piece of information, please be sure that your information is correct. I often get emails from people claiming certain things are true when they're in fact only rumors or theories derived from fanfictions. If any of you are fluent in Japanese or is familiar with Japanese history and noticed mistakes in those departments, I'd gladly take any corrections. Thank you. :p

I hate Jaken! Your site sucks!!
Thank you. You've just made me that much happier that I've created this fansite for Jaken. Motivation and inspiration is a wonderous thing. :D

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