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Although this site came about from my own need and desire to make it, I must also say that the motivation definitely came from somewhere. And so here's a section for that plus the usual but necessary disclaimers. I'm a stickler for crediting, so if any of you visitors ever contribute something special for this site- I'll always make a note of it here.

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Jaken is a character from the Inuyasha series and belongs to Rumiko Takahashi, Viz Comics, Shounen Sunday, and whoever else that owns the rights to the series. I'm not one of them. :p This site is non-profit and was created solely for fandom enjoyment. I do not claim any affiliation or rights to Jaken or the Inuyasha series. All images used on the layout is screencapped by me but ultimately belongs to its creators. No copyright infringements were ever intended in the making of this site.

This site's layout and content were made by me. Please do not take or copy or anything.

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