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This site is currently open for affiliation. Contact me if you'd like to be one. To give you an idea, here are some guidelines:

  1. Your site should be Inuyasha-related, meaning either a general Inuyasha site or a fansite involving one of the characters in the series. Purely fanlisting sites are allowed but will be affiliated with the fanlisting section of this site instead.
  2. You should be a supporter of Jaken- which means Jaken-hating-bashing sites will not be acceptable.
  3. Your site must be a "quality" site- meaning with a nice clean layout and at least some substantial and "complete" content. Basically not the ready made one Tripod page deal or one of those sites with gazillions of pictures on one page and neon font.
  4. Your site must not contain stolent or plagiarized content.
  5. Needless to say, a link button to my site should be added in a visible area within your site. I do the same for you.

Current Affiliates:

Temperance - What could be a more appropriate site to affiliate with, if not one that is dedicated to Sesshoumaru? After all, Jaken's entire life pretty much revolves around him- and I'd say Chloe's site is the perfect one for Jaken to bow down to. ;) Go pay her a visit!

Minion - Lord Jaken behold, there's another Jaken fansite out there! :D Fan you are or not, do pay Matt's new site a visit- he's got various info and media, with promises of even more to come...all wrapped up in an endearing looking Jaken on the layout. ^_^ Isn't it ironic that he named his site "Minion" while mine might as well have been "Lord"? XD


Sesshoumaru: The Killing Perfection - This is basically a massive Sesshoumaru shrine that contains just about everything about him with a whole bunch of subsections. It's also my site. Without it, this Jaken site would never be here to begin with.

OwarinaiNET - OwarinaiNET is my domain and where this Jaken site is hosted under. Do pay it a visit if you get the chance.

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