No, you're not seeing things. You really have arrived at a Jaken shrine and fanlisting. So hello. :) Welcome to "The Other Youkai Lord", a fansite proudly dedicated to the hilarious, though often abused character from the Inuyasha series.

Amidst all the Jaken bashing that's constantly floating around the web, this is the one place you will not find any of that. Here, we do not believe that Jaken deserves to die nor do we think he needs to be punished and tortured just because he's "ugly". Yes, this is a place for his fans. If you're a fan of Jaken as well, I urge you to support his fandom by joining Not Useless: The Jaken Fanlisting.

Browse around. Learn more about Jaken. Understand him. Appreciate him. Enjoy. :)

Updates and Announcements

September 12, 2006 - I've cleaned up the site a bit to get rid of pages that aren't very useful. The links page is now gone because Inuyasha fansites can't seem to stay online for a long time. The links are all dead and I can't be bothered to add more only to go through the same thing (again and again). So for now, I will only keep an affiliates page but no links page. A few other outdated areas were deleted as well- but nothing too big.

August 06, 2006 - The guestbook is now back up after I've had to delete it a few months ago, due to excessive spam. Thank you to all those who had emailed me comments on the site while the guestbook was down. All the old entries are gone though, so I'd love it if you could sign it when you get the chance. Thanks! :)

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